Sunday, November 4, 2012

RN #138 (A) Inigo Jones - Family Study

This notebook contains my research into the family and related connections of Inigo Jones.  Much detail and references are contained regarding the origin of this family.

Annals and Antiquities of The Counties and County Families of Wales (Nicholas)
  documents the Welsh spelling of Inigo = Ynyr = line of Tudor Trevor
Mostyn family documents
Detailed analysis from The Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. X, 1917 pp 999-1007.
Analysis of "Grothenan, Co. Denbigh" - Family origin of Inigo Jones
Historical Context from Pope Pius V (Papal Bull - 1570)
Smithfield origin and fairs [Inigo Jones, Sr. here 1573 ]
Detailed chronology from 1583 to 1653
Lambeth Palace Library files [Catalogue Ref. MSS]
Lordship or Bromfield and Yale (a study)
Herbert family
   William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke

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