Tuesday, November 6, 2012

RN #140 Cadwallader Jones(es) England/Wales

This notebook contains research pertaining to the group of Cadwallader Jones that are recorded in England and Wales.  This group of individuals are often confused by the genealogist. 

History of Wales/The Birth of The Cymry

Cadwallader (Kadwallader) from legal documents England
Oxford group
Cambridge group
Cadwallader Jones, of Greenham, Esq
Cadwallader Jones, of Cromley
Cadwallader Jones, Cambridge/Carnarvon
Cadwallader Jones, Devonshire
Cadwallader Jones, (Thomas ap Hugh) (John ap Thomas, of Wales)
Cadwallader Jones (London group) active 1590s
Cadwallader Jones, Chester - ironmonger
personal notes and references/maps and documents

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