Monday, November 12, 2012

RN #145 Griffin Jones, Sr.

The next series of notebooks contain my research into the direct family line leading from what to become Caroline Co., VA into KY.  They essentially take a grandfather, and document the life and times of each.

Griffin Jones, Sr., Caroline Co. VA (family tree)
  first record Order Book, 1736, located court house Caroline Co.
  documentation of records 1736- 1766

Taliaferro family connections
Archibald McPherson (connections)
Reuben Thornton (connections)
Thomas Turner (connections)
John Jones (connections) family tree
Buckner's family connections

maps/charts/ diagrams/ family connections

For discussion see

"Baptist" dated Tues., Nov., 9, 2010
"Brick Walls" dated Wed., Nov., 17, 2010
"Road to Caroline Co., VA" dated Mon., Nov., 22, 2010
"Making a Trip" dated Sat., Dec., 4, 2010
"A Road Map" dated Sun., Dec., 5, 2010
"Leaves on the Tree", dated Wed., Dec., 8, 2010
"Unusual Places", dated Wed., Dec., 15, 2010

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