Friday, August 31, 2012

RN #88 JONES Arms - Research-Analysis

This notebook contains my research analysis on the JONES surname coat of arms from the work started in notebook #87.  It describes the methods, analysis and contains the results of the research.  Each "coat of arms" was numbered, grouped by county (Wales and England), and analyzed by color, charge, etc.etc....

Royal Tribes Wales.
Nobel Tribes Wales.
JONES arms #1 - #123

The above page is taken from this notebook.  It shows the arms of the Jones family known as Viscount Ranelagh.  It is often shown as the coat of arms for the JONES SURNAME.  This family no longer has male heirs of descent, therefore it can not be a present arms of any JONES family today.  There are 123 coats of arms included in this analysis.

First General Armory - 4 Volume, Encyclopaedia Heraldica, by William Berry, 1828.
Second: The British Herald or Cabiret of Armorial Bearings, by Thomas Robson in 1830.
Third: General Armory: by John and John Bernard Burke, 1842.

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