Friday, August 24, 2012

RN #80 (Old) Rappahannock Co. VA

Rappahannock county was formed 1656.  A large number of JONES were involved, and played a major part in the settlement.  Associated surnames included: Slaughter, Upton, Fauntleroy, Underwood, Rouzee, Catlett, Fleming, and many others.

Banks of Rappahannock. Outline of settlements along the Rappahannock for year 1737.
Farnham Church outline.
Rappahannock Co. Wills outlined for JONES and associated surnames.
Rice Jones (I) 1676
Edward Jones 1678
Richard Jones 1680
Chronology of Sittingbourne (Littenbourne) Parish
History of Old Rappahannock County Virginia 1656-1692, by Warner. [Index analysis]
Capt. William Jones 1664
Marriages, Old Rappahannock & Essex County, Jones Journeys, Vol. 17
Old Rappahannock County and Bacon's Rebellion
Analysis of Rice Jones (I) 1650
Analysis of Richard Jones 1680
George Jones 1680

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