Sunday, August 19, 2012

RN #75 Stafford Co., VA

Stafford Co. was created in 1664.  It encompassed all the Potomac watershed from the western boundary of Westmoreland Co. to the Blue Ridge mountains and beyond.

Stafford Co. A Historical Sketch.
The Register of Overwharton Parish.
Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co.
Griffin Jones (I) 1736
Griffin Jones (II) 1729
John Joanes 1729
Col. Robert Jones 1700
marriages Overwharton Parish 1723-1758
Stafford Co. Record Book 1686 - 1693 (for JONES)
Stafford Co. Wills, Administrations, Inventories, Etc. 1664-1760, Tyler's Quarterly, Vol. 22, 1941.
Mason family (Meade)
Cal. State Papers, Domestic Series/Commonwealth 1658-1659. pp. 382-385.
Kent Island. (William Claiborne)

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