Wednesday, August 8, 2012

RN #63 JONES Surname by Virginia Counties

The following series of notebooks begin by analyzing the JONES surname by counties of Virginia.  This work was initially done mid-1980's, and the computer printouts may look the part.  Most items deal with the JONES families located by patent in the counties as they made their settlement there.  This notebook (#63) is a summary table by counties of Virginia before 1700.

JONES surname by Virginia counties, all before 1700.
  James City
  Charles City
  Elizabeth City
  Isle of Wight
  Yorke County
  Nansemond County
  Gloucester County
  Northumberland Co.
  Lancaster Co.
  Westmoreland Co.
  New Kent Co.
  Accomack Co.
  New Norfolk Co.

Listing by dates beginning 1635 and counties.
Jones listed before 1635.
County Government in Virginia A Legislative History, 1607 - 1904. [A copy of its bibliography giving multiple references to this time period in Virginia history.]

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