Friday, August 3, 2012

RN #58 Releated Surnames - Slaughter

The Slaughter family and my Jones family seem to stay close together from way back. 

John Slaughter 1620
Slaughter family, Virginia Historical Magazine ,Vol. 11, 1913.
Slaughter family, Colonial Families of The United States
Slaughter family, Virginia Familes (notes)
Slaughter family tree (notes)
     John Slaughter 1620
     Francis Slaughter(I) 1630
     Francis Slaughter (II) 1653
     Robert Slaughter (I) 1680 [multiple Robert Slaughter(s) from here]
Culpeper Co. VA notes
Jefferson Co., KY notes
Nelson Co., KY notes
Adair Co., KY notes
Mercer Co., KY notes
English history (notes)
Marriage records (notes)
Cadwallader Jones - Slaughter, Virginia Magazine of History, Vol. 31, 1923.
Governor Gabriel Slaughter (1816-1820)  7th Governor of KY
Multiple research notes on the Slaughter/Jones family connections.

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