Friday, August 17, 2012

RN #73 Culpeper Co. VA

Culpeper Co. was formed out of Orange Co. VA in 1748. [Orange Co. formed out of Spotsylvania 1720.]

Genealogical & Historical Notes on Culpeper Co. VA by Green.
St. Mark's Parish, Culpepper County, by Meade [Meade spells it Culpepper.]

Will Book A, David Jones 1751.
Joshua Jones 1761.
Culpeper Co. Will Book A - Index 1749-1770 for JONES
Index will book A for: Bledsoe, Lightfoot,.
Henry Jones 1761.
William Jones 1764.
John Jones 1750.
Thomas Jones 1759.
Gabriel Jones 1749
Culpeper Co., Deed Books Outlined for Jones Beginning 1769. Deed Book F. [1769-1790]
Index Culpeper Co. Deeds 1789-1790 for Slaughter.
Gabriel Jones Senr. 1785.
1787 Culpeper Co. Tax List for surname JONES


  1. My VA 5th Great Grandfather, James B Jones settled in Morgan County TN around 1818 marrying Rachel Galbraith in Campbell County VA. His brother William S Jones stayed in Culpepper County along the Radian River near Germanna Ford. They were both born in the 1790s.

    Has anyone heard of this Jones family and who there parents might be. James B and Rachel Jones' first child is Samuel Hinson Jones and he was born in VA.

    Thanks for any help you can give me in finding the parent of James B and William S Jones.

    Barbara Jones Trulis

  2. Hello Barbara...Culpeper Co. VA was a hot bed for those with the Jones surname. Do you know the meaning of the middle initials? In the Tax list "c" District of Goodrich Lightfoot there are two James Jones. One is given as "Fry's Overseer". Any connection to the Fry family?

  3. I haven't found a "Frys" in our clan. In the 1850 census there are two other people living with them, William Nash 15 years old and Sarah Nash, 25. I did an extensive search on the Nashs' in Culpepper & Fauquier and could not find a connection either. I thought that William's wife Elizabeth could have been a Nash but dead end on that too. William S and Elizabeth never had children. I have not been able to find any documentation for their middle names either.

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and I look forwards to chatting with you again.

    Barbara Jones Trulis

  4. All family here to share Thanksgiving. We are certainly blessed. Will chat after a bit of turkey gives its all...:-)

  5. Hello Barbietru....I believe that the Turkey has left the building...Culpeper Co. has a long history that can get very confusing at you have access to Culp. Co. Will BK A ?

  6. Unfortunately I do not. We live in California.

  7. Hello again Barbietru...Culpeper Co. Deed and Will Books [Index] have been published. Do you have a genealogy library nearby?

  8. Unfortunately we are not. However I did purchase Culpepper Will Book A Abstracts by Dorman and his will was not in the contents, only the two peoples names who were to appraise his estate. I am familiar with the above Jones mentioned, Gabriel, David, Joshua and William Wigginton Jones, Robert Jones-Parks lines and we are not part of those families as well as the Aaron/Henry Jones descendants in now Rappahannock County.

    Interestingly enough my DNA results came today and I am a R1b1b2a1a2f, which most Jones' families are with an I-M253. I read your blog on DNA and I actually understood most of it. Some of the other explanations made me spin.

    We Jones' are made of good stuff and I will keep digging.

    Thanks, Barbara