Monday, August 20, 2012

RN #76 Gloucester Co. VA

Gloucester Co. was formed around 1651. [No formal Act has been found establishing the Co.]  Affairs in Virginia were in an uproar due to the Civil War in England and the resent beheading of Charles I.  The Colony of Virginia surrendered to the Commonwealth of England, 12 March 1652.  First land patent dated 21 May 1651.

Listing of patents 1651-1652.
Abbington Parish, Gloster Co.
Petsoe Parish, Gloster Co.
History Glouster Co., VA (personal notes).
Jones names analyzed by date for Gloster Co.
Epitaphs of Gloucester and Mathews Counties In Tidewader Virginia Through 1865, by Branch.
Richard Jones/Francis Jones 1653.
Robert Jones 1656
Gloucester Co. VA, by Gray, 1936.
Gloucester Rent Roll 1704
Gloucester Co., census 1783 (for JONES)
Rev. Emanuel Jones 1739
Robert Lee, Gloster Co., 1662
Maps of Gloucester Co. (historical)

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