Sunday, August 26, 2012

RN #83 Isle of Wight Co., VA

Isle of Wight was formed 1637.  It was formerly known as Warrosquyaoke and parts of Upper Norfolk and Nansemond were taken.  Smithfield plantation was an early settlement.

Jones surname analysis : Isle of Wight by date 1636-1797
Marriages 1668 - 1739 for Jones
Jones Marriages: Isle of Wight: Alphabetical (from Jones Journeys, Vol.2, pp.45-47.
Early patent analysis Isle of Wight for Jones surname
  Thomas Jones 1659
  Anthony Jones 1645
    (Upton, Savage, Young, Davis, connected)
  John Jones 1668
  Arthur Jones 1679
  William Jones 1694
  Richard Jones 1721
  Mathew Jones 1723
  David Jones 1700
  Thomas Jones, Sr. 1737
  Isaac Jones 1772
Detailed analysis Anthony Jones 1636, Pagan Point Creek
The Smiths of Smith's Neck, Isle of Wight Co., VA, by Warren, William and Mary Quarterly 13W(2). p.17

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