Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RN #85 King George Co. VA

King George Co. was formed 1721 out of Richmond Co. VA.

Vestrymen Hanover Parish 1723-1779
Turner family of Hanover Parish
St. Paul's Parish 1722- 1779
St. Paul's Vestrymen 1720 -1771
James Jones 1762
Extracts from the Register of St.Paul's Parish, by Nicklin, WMQ, Ser.2, Vol.10, 1930
John Jones 1695
Extracts from the Register of St. Paul's, Stafford (now King George) Co.VA, VHM, Vol. 8
King George Marriages, VHM Vol.10, 1902-1903
The Turner Family of King George Co., VMH, Vol.21, 1913
Robert Jones, from Hanover Parish, King George Co., 1724.

WMQ = William and Mary Quarterly
VHM = Virginia Historical Magazine

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