Saturday, August 18, 2012

RN #74 Prince George Co. VA

Prince George Co. was formed 1703 out of Charles City Co. [An original shire dating from 1634.]  It was the location of the junction of James River and Appomattox River which was a key avenue for early settlement.

Bristol Parish history and background. [formed 1662.]
Prince George Co., VA Surveys 1710-1724.
History of Bristol  Parish, by Slaughter
Abraham Jones 1719
Daniel Jones 1713
James Jones 1711
John Jones 1722
John Jones 1706
Ledbetter Jones 1701
Peter Jones 1708
Peter Jones 1699
Philip Jones 1708
Richard Jones 1709
Richard Jones 1699
Thomas Jones 1714
Thomas Jones 1720
Thomas Jones 1730
Thomas Jones 1711
Thomas Jones 1700
William Jones 1731
William Jones 1706
William Jones 1711
William Jones 1700
Holmes Jones 1790

Births From The Bristol Parish Register of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddlie Counties, Virginia, 1720-1798 by Chamberlayne.
The Landseekers Migrate To The Mountains. [foundation of Petersburg]
Peirsey's Hundred. [1st Peter Jones, 1623, age 24]
Flowerdew Hundred...The Archaeology of a Virginia Plantation, 1619-1864, by Deetz.

Largest number of Jones families in this area.  They are easily confused and often mixed in many of the family trees put together over the years.

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