Monday, August 13, 2012

RN #69 Spotsylvania Co. VA

This notebook contains a detailed analysis of the JONES surname for Spotsylvania Co., VA.  It was formed from territory of Essex, King William, and King and Queen Counties, 1720.  Named in honor of Alexander Spotswood, then governor of Virginia.  Individual JONES are listed from 1724 to 1788.

Robert Jones, 1724 [Connected Bledsoe, Slaughter, Thornton, and Smith surnames.]
William Jones, 1730
James Jones, 1734
James Jones, 1741
John Jones, 1736
Edward Jones, 1745
John Jones, 1752
Phillip Jones, 1769
Nicholas Jones, 1764
Joseph Jones, 1771
Richard Jones, 1772
David Jones, 1766
Griffin Jones, 1774
James Jones, 1778
Elizabeth Jones, 1778
Richard Jones, 1779
William Jones, 1788
Rebecca Jones, 1788

Road order book, 1722-1734.
Notes on Taliaferro family.
Notes on Lewis family.
Notes on Allen family.
Notes on Hawkins family.
Index analysis of Will Books, A-F, 1722 - 1800.
Index analysis of Administrative bonds, Guardians bonds, Marriage Licenses, Marriage Register 1795-1800.
Deed Books, A-P, 1722-1800.
Spotswood, Land Grants (to JONES) 1710-1718.

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