Thursday, August 2, 2012

RN # 56 Related Surnames - Taliaferro (I)

This and next notebook deals with the Taliaferro family.  They are closely related to my JONES family in early Virginia.  A deal of research has been done.

Henry Talifer 1354 (earliest Taliaferro I have been able to document in English records.)
Note on Taliaferro family from 1530.
Robert Taliaferro (I) 1626
The Taliaferro Family, from William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 20, Vol. 22
Nicholas Taliaferro, William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. I, (second series), 1921.
Ann Hay Taliaferro Battaile, William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 7 (second series), 1927.
Marriage records Taliaferro, VA from Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800, by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck.
Tables and Charts, Taliaferro Family. [personal research].

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