Friday, January 4, 2013

RN #182 Thomas Joneses

This notebook continues the research documentation of my JONES family.  Crossing the great pond was part of the challenge of my tree climbing.  Thomas Jones was the connection between the Virginia family and the Welsh family. [Living in county Kent.]  A great deal of time was needed to make this connection, but it provided the bridge between the two continents.   On the front of this notebook is the following:

...a fitting symbol to my JONES family tree.

Thomas Jones, Gray's Inn 1599
     Jones, Lightfoot, Aske, Fairfax (By L.H. Jones, Louisville, KY)
     Lewisham, Co. Kent
Thomas Jones, Gray's Inn 1625
     Robert Aske, of Aughton
     Rev. Richard Lightfoot, of Stoke Bruene
     Sir Richard Young, of London
Archdeaconry of Rochester (Cat. Ref. DRa)
     Administrative Records- Induction Mandates - (ref. DRa/A/)
Kent Quarter Session (Catalogue Ref. Q)
     West Kent Quarter Sessions Records (ref. QM/SRc)
     Dering family of Surrenden, Pluckely, Kent (Cat. Ref. U1107)
     Kilnwick Percy Estate (Cat. Ref. DDKP)
     Sandwich Borough (Cat. Ref. Sa)
     G Brown and Ellmhirst, Solicitors, York ( Cat. Ref. DDEL)
     House of Lords (Cat. Ref. HL)
Church of England, Cheshire Diocese, Consistory Court (Cat. Ref. EDC)
Archive of Rye Corporation (Cat. Ref. RYE)
Records of The Archdeaconry of At. Albans (Cat. Ref. ASA)
Diocese of Rochester (Cat. Ref. DR)
Archbishops of Canterbury Archives (Cat. Ref. AA)
Kent Co., England
     British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate 1638-1660
     1648 Kent & Essex
     Population in Central Kent 1563-1676
     Jones families Kent (with coat of arms)
     Jones surname Kent, legal records
     Index of Kent wills (for Jones)
     bibliography (references) Kent Co.
     Kent Quarter Sessions (Cat. Ref. Q)
     Stanhope of Chevening Manuscripts (Cat. Ref. U1590)
     Barrett-Lennard Manuscripts (Cat. Ref. U1450)
     Bishopric of Rochester (Cat. Ref. DRb)
Manuscripts in the Society of Antiquaries of London (Cat. Ref. SAL/MS)
Dean and Chapter Archives (Cat. Ref. CCA-DCc-ChAnt)
Diocese of Chichester: Episcopal Records (Cat. Ref. Ep)

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