Wednesday, January 2, 2013

RN #180 Richard Joneses

The JONES surname presents many challenges.  At anyone time, and in the same geographic area there are many who share the same first name.   This notebook begins a series of collection on studies of the various first names that appear together in my JONES tree climbing experience.  The first is "Richard Jones".

Chronological sequence from Nov. 5, 1635 to 1665 (Virginia)
Migration years 1648 - 1651 (Virginia)
Richard Jones by Virginia counties 1635 - 1665
Richard Jones, Queen's Creek 1637
Richard Jones, 1649 (transported by Nicholas Dale)
Mr. Richard Jones, "marriner"
Richard Jones, James City
Richard Jones, Pagan Point Creek

There were 51 references to Richard Joneses 1635 - 1665 in Virginia.

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