Tuesday, January 8, 2013

RN #185 Jefferys Family of Acton Park

The Jefferys family of Acton Park, Wrexham, share a common ancestor to my own JONES family.  They share several of my family tree branches.  Understanding and separating this family tree help solve many of my own JONES branches.  Surname spelled: Jeffrys, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jeffreys .

John Jeffery , Gray's Inn Admission 1544 AD
      multiple family names in these admission records
Lancaster County Quarter Sessions (Cat. Ref. Q)
Corporation of London (Cat.Ref. COL)
The Stobbs Collections (Cat. Ref. 163,215,227,261,416,443,610,612)
Wolryche family of Bridgnorth (Cat.Ref. 2922)
family charts/graphs/tables
Acton Park
     John Jeffreys (foundations of Acton Park)
     family trees (Jeffery ap Hugh) (Jeffrey ap Jevan)
George Jeffreys (1645-1689)
     The Life of Judge Jeffreys
     Bulstrode Estate (Cat.Ref. D-RA)
     Oswestry Borough Records (Cat.Ref. OB)
Robert Jeffreys (Sir Robert Jeffreys) [spelled Geffreys]
      Wakeman family of Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 938)
       Worestershire Quarter Sessions (Cat.Ref. 1)
Thomas Jeffreys fl. 1604 (Cat. Ref. ACC/0233)
Geoffrey Jeffrey of Breconshire
      family group
Herbert Jeffereys (VA)
     Virginia Gleanings In England
     Virginia in 1678-1679
      William and Mary Quarterly
Jeffereys in VA
     notes and family history
     Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 22, Lancaster Co. 1652-1655
Vicissitudes of Families, by Sir Bernard Burke, Vol. II
     George, Lord Jeffereys, of Wem
     Jeffreys of Wem
Welsh Probate Records, Archdeaconry of Brecon (Cat.Ref. BR)
Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire (Cat. Ref. 894 and 1144)
Lloyd of Leaton Hall (Cat. Ref. 103)
Haslewood Collection (Cat.Ref. XD3614)
House of Lords (Cat.Ref. HL)
Clayton Family Records (Cat.Ref. D 135)

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