Friday, January 11, 2013

RN #188 Family Towns

This notebook continues the study of towns (settlements/manors/parishes/etc.)  that were related to my JONES family.  The associated surnames were applied to the geographic areas that connected my family tree.  This provided a means to separate and establish certain family groups.

    Young/Lloyd of Halghton/ Eyton/ Lloyd of Pengwern
    Mostyn of Mostyn/Trevor-Roper of Plas Teg/Jones-Parry
Feilding of Newnham Paddox (The Pennant Papers) (Cat.Ref. CR 2017)
     Papers of The Kay Shuttleworth Family of Gawthorpe (Cat.Ref.DDKS)
     Valelntine Broughton (Cat.Ref. CHC/3)
     Shackerley Collection (Cat.Ref. 1781)
           Jones family of Donington, Shropshire
     Land in Bersham, Co. Denbigh
     John Almer
     Hanmer of Hanmer, Co. Flint
     Sir John Hanmer
     Puleston (family)
The River Dee at Glyndyfrdwy
A Collection of deeds and papers relating to the Hanmer family of Pentrepant (Cat.Ref. 894 & 1144)
Documents presented by Mr. L.C. Lloyd (Cat.Ref. 7)
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
     Capital Messuages in Salop (Shrewsbury)
     Moseley Collection (Cat.Ref. 2089)
          Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire
          Mostyn - Owen (Cat.Ref. 3890)
                 Mostyn Owen family of Rednal, Shropshire
Miscellaneou Deeds (Cat. Ref. 1375)
William Jones, High Street, Shrewsbury 1595
Edward Jones of Shrewsbury 1588
     Powys and the Marches
     Roman order (Gildas)
     The Bright Collection (Cat.Ref. 807)
     Sandford of the Isle (Cat. Ref. 465)
     Eyton family (Cat.Ref. 665)
           Eyton family of Eyton, Shropshire
     Documents Relating to the Thornes Family (Cat.Ref. 867, 1488)
          Thornes family of Shropshire
Selattyn (Estate leases and administration papers) Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire
The More Collection (Cat.Ref. 1037)
     More family of Linley, Shropshire
Marrington Collection (Cat.Ref. 448, 631)
     Price-Davies family of Marrington Hall, Chirbury, Shropshire)
Documents relating to the Wakeman and Penbury Families (Cat.Ref. 936)
Shropshire Archives - Venables Collection (Cat.Ref. 484)
     Mostyn Owen family of Rednal
     Owen, Mostyn family of Woodhouse, Shropshire (Title Deeds) (Cat.Ref. 3890)
     Edward Jones 1619
Acton Burnell
     Catalogue of the Shropshire deeds and papers of the Smythe Family of Acton Burnell (Cat.Ref. 
           1514)  Acton Burnell Parish/ Acton Burnell & Acton Pigott
     Moseley Collection (Cat.Ref. 2089)
          Moseley family of Buildwas, Shropshire
     Buildwas, Abbey, Shropshire
     Shackerley Collection (Cat.Ref. 1781)
         Jones family of Donington, Shropshire
     Cressett Deeds (Cat.Ref. 5460, 563, 4152)
Bishop's Castle
     More family of Linley
     The More Collection (Cat.Ref. 1037)
     Ludford Park Collection (Cat.Ref. 11)

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