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RN #186 Chronological Work Sheets Family Names

Detailed chronology becomes very helpful in complex genealogy tree climbing.  This notebook combines a detailed chronology for a group of surnames (families) that needed to be understood in the context of the historic time period.  It begins 1050 AD and proceeds over ten year periods to 1800 AD.  Multiple sources were combined to form a unified system of names and dates.

Beginning of Crusades 1096 AD
Cadwallon d. 1132 AD
Gruffudd ap Cynan d. 1137 AD
Rulers of England : The Norman Line 1027-1160 AD
Owain Gwynedd d. 1170 AD
Cadwalader d. 1172 AD
Cynan d. 1173 AD
Rhodri d. 1195 AD
The Rulers of England : The Angevin Line 1154 - 1327 AD
The Dynasty of Gwynedd
The Dynasty of Deheubarth
The Dynasty of Powys
Treaty of Worcester 1218 AD
The Rulers of Scotland
maps/charts/graphs of historic time period
Hanmer (of Saxon origin) 1250 AD
Treaty of Montgomery 1267 AD
Shropshire 1267 AD
     John Fitzalan (Earl of Arundell) d. 18 March 1272 AD
     Peter de Eyton 1279 AD
The marcher lordships
Lord John de Lee 1323 - 1327 AD
The Third Part of The Hundred of Oswestry 1388 - 1389 AD
Admissions to Lincoln's Inn 1422 AD (Jones, Eyton, Townsend, )
Robert Townsend 1525 AD
Manors of the Lee and The More 1580 AD
Lordship of Whitinton 1462 AD
John Lighfoot of Shrewsbury 1463 AD
John Thornton of London (Middle Temple) 1494 AD
Middle Temple Admission 1501 AD (for Jones)
Oxford Admission 1507 AD (for Jones)
Cambridge Admissions 1531 AD (for Jones)
John Jeffreys (Middle Temple 1554 AD)
John Lightfoot (Lincoln's Inn 1505 AD)
Edward Rowsse (Lincoln's Inn 1530 AD)
John Trevor (Upton field 1531)
Geoffrey Upton (Middle Temple 1572 AD)
Jones: St. Asaph 1552 AD
charts/tables/graphs/ from 1550 AD of various surnames to 1850 AD

The following graph is an example of one page dealing with the JONES surname and chronology surrounding St. Asaph 1550 AD - 1599 AD given as an example of the research contained in this notebook. (#186)

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