Thursday, January 10, 2013

RN #187 House of Trevor Geography

This notebook contains much early work on the lineage of Tudor Trevor.  It is a collection of items pertaining to the history and geographic areas that were part of the family's history.  Several items are summary papers written for the family newsletter The Jones Genealogist, first published in 1989.

Record of the House of Trevor (summary paper)
Chronological chart(s) 350 AD -1980 AD
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cat.Ref. DCH)
Gretton (Sherard) Manuscripts (Cat.Ref. DE1431)
House of Trefor (Trevor) flow chart 900 AD -1680 AD
     Leighton (Sweeney) Leighton family of Sweeney, Oswestry, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 177)
     Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire (Cat.Ref. 894 and 1144)
     The Halston Collection (Cat.Ref. 2171)
     The Henlle Hall Collection (Cat.Ref. SRO 2847)
     Lloyd family of Leaton Knolls (Cat.Ref. 103)
     Fitz-Alan family, Earls of Arundel
     Venables Collection (Cat.Ref. 484)
     Parish in hundred of Oswestry, Co. Salop
     A Topographical Dictionary of England, by Lewis
     Whittington Castle
     Halston Estate, Muniments of title, Whittington, land in Hindford
     Whittington, Common Rights in Babbinswood
     The Henlle Hall Collection (Cat.Ref. SRO 2847)
     Halston Estate, Muniments of title, Lower Ridge, Ellesmere
Valle Crucis
Dinas Bran
Simcoe family of Devon (Cat.Ref. 1038 M)
Shropshire or Salop
Llwyn - Onn (Llwynynn)
     City of Chester Assembly (Cat.Ref. ZA)
     Mostyn-Owen (Cat.Ref. 3890)
Pengwerne (Pengwern)
     Chester City Quarter Sessions (Cat.Ref. Q)
     The Cobden Papers (Cat.Ref. COBDEN)
     City of Chester Town Clerk (Cat.Ref. ZTC)
historic maps/charts/figures

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