Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RN # 8 Giraldsus Cambrensis 1146 - 1223 AD

A outline of the life and work of a Welsh priest who wrote a travel account of Wales 1188 AD. [Accompanied Archbishop Baldwin in his journeys through Wales...preaching the Third Crusade 1187-1192 AD.]  Translation from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Book 1, Ch. 7 : Origin of the names Cambria and Wales.
Book 1, Ch. 8 : Nature, manners and dress.
Book 1, Ch. 9 : Of their sober supper and frugality.
Book 1, Ch.10: Of their hospitality and liberality.
Book 1, Ch.11: Their cutting of their hair.
Book 1, Ch.12: Of their quickness and sharpness.
Book 1, Ch.13: Of their symphonies and songs.
Book 1, Ch.14: Their wit and Pleasantry.
Book 1, Ch.15: Their boldness and confidence.
Book 1, Ch.16: The soothsayers of this nation.
Book 1, Ch.17: Their love of high birth.
Book 1, Ch.18: The antiquity of their faith.
Book 2, Ch. 1: The inconstancy and instability of this nation.
Book 2, Ch. 2: Their living by plunder.
Book 2, Ch. 3: Of their deficiency in battle.
Book 2, Ch. 4: Their seizure of lands.
Book 2, Ch. 5: Their great exaction.
Book 2, Ch. 6: The crime of incest.
Book 2, Ch. 7: Of their sin.
Book 2, Ch. 8: How this nation is to be overcome.
Book 2, Ch. 9: How Wales should be governed.
Book 2, Ch.10: How Wales may resist and revolt.

An interesting list of ideas.

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