Thursday, July 19, 2012

RN # 28 Virginia Settlement - History from 1574

Notes on VA Chart from Colonial Papers, Vol. I, 1574 - 1621.
  VA company organization.
  Records of VA company abstracted for JONES.
  Notes on Indian tribes of VA.
  Notes of John Rolfe/Pocahontas.
  Notes on VA Settlement year by year 1606 - 1624.
  Notes on settlements in VA.
  Muster list of 1623 an analysis for JONES.
  Listings of JONES by year 1626 - 1666.
  Analysis of JONES surname compared to SMITH/JOHNSON/WILLIAMS/BROWN.
        Using Vol. I, Cavaliers and Pioneers.

  Notes on Rice Jones, planter of Warwick River.
  Various notes on other JONES.

This notebook contains a lot of stuff!  The most interesting to me is the surname comparison study.  Latter notebooks will contain additional analysis of this information.

For discussion see :

"The First Jones to Virginia" dated Friday, August 5, 2011 .


  1. Oh man what a tease u r! I'm thinking it's all going to be here. Now you served the appetizer where the main course?

  2. Sorry u r so ticklish...RN = research notebook, physically located at The Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library, Danville, KY. Post intended to give outline of content of each. What research interest do you have in VA settlement?