Friday, July 13, 2012

RN # 14 Notes on Early JONES Surname

Several views were taken on the use of the JONES surname in early English records.

Grantees of Arms...To the end of the Seventeenth Century.
Grantees of Arms...To the end of the XVII Century.
The Dictionary of National Biography. (England)
Acts of Privy Council 1541 - 1547.

JONES surname copied:
     Notes on - Hugh Jones 1508
                       Edward Jones 1545
                       Thomas Jones 1545
                       George Jones 1559
                       David Jones, Llanfair 1580
                       Francis Jones, Alderman of London 1612
                       Rowland Jones 1609
                       Thomas Jones, Surrey
                       Christopher Jones 1623
                       John Jones, Bristol 1673
                       Richard Jones, Somerset 1680
                       William Jones, Salop 1633
                       Richard Jones, clerk (minister)

For discussion see: for:

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