Friday, July 6, 2012

RN #1 Historical Atlas and Chronologies

The first research notebook [hereafter = RN] deals with general history of Welsh, Anglo-Saxon England, Vikings, and the like.   It was my attempt to gather information regarding the historical background to the land of my ancestors.  It contains:

Kings and Princes chronology 700-800 AD
Kings and Princes chronology 880-1066 AD
Bishops : chronology 700 - 880 AD
Bishops: chronology 880-1066 AD
        from- Hill, An Atlas of Anglo-Saxon England

The Vikings in the West: chronology 780 - 869 AD
The Vikings in the West : chronology 870 - 959 AD
Time Charts: Edward I and Wales
       from - Trevor Herbert, Gareth Jones

Outline of Welsh Political History
       from - A Short History of Wales, by Owen Edward.

Wales at The Time of The Treaty of Montgomery in 1267, by John G. Williams.

An Historical Atlas of  Wales : From Early to Modern Time, by William Rees. University College, Cardiff.

This notebook contains my collection of tables and charts with the last Atlas by Rees being the best outline of a history of Wales that I have been able to discover.  This is an example of the first research notebook that I have put together.

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