Sunday, July 8, 2012

RN #4 Overview of Pre-history (Wales)

The content of this notebook.  A collection of my notes on various topics dealing with Welsh prehistory and a rough chronology.

Geologic Time and Formations.
Personal notes on Mesolithic sites.
Old Oswestry (hill-fort).
Notes on hill forts Wales.
Notes on Celtic race.
Britain in the Iron Age.
Pytheas, Greek geographer (330 BC)
Notes on Roman Britain.
State of the Country (Wales) in the Sixth Century, and its History Prior to A.D. 560.
Notes by time periods 648 A.D. - 1894.
Key to Regal Years with Chronological Index to Statutes Cited in The Text - From: Guide to Public Record Office, Great Britain.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see: .

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