Sunday, July 29, 2012

RN #49 Related Surnames - Brent

A Catholic family who bridged the settlement of Maryland and Virginia.  Married into local Indian tribal group to become a cultural connection as well.

Margaret Brent
Giles Brent
Giles Brent, Jr.
William Brent
William Brent (II)
William Brent (III)
George Brent


  1. The famous Margaret Brent and her brother Giles of Maryland — Are some Joneses related to them? I'd be delighted if they were my Maryland Joneses.

  2. Hello JG in MD...The Brent family is well known and well researched. Giles and family left MD around 1646 and resided in VA. Mrs. Mary Brent(his wife) had 600 acs in "Potomeck River" 1653 upon "Mathias Poynt". Was land next to Francies (Townshend)(nee Baldwin)Jones who raised my Cadwallader Jones. My Jones family and Brent family were involved in the Indian trade business. Both families (Jones/Brent) were Catholics and from the same general area in England. Have yet to find any directed family connections, but there may be. Who are your JONES?