Friday, July 6, 2012

My Personal Research

Fifty years of doing genealogy has produced a great deal of research results.   Over the years, these results have been organized and placed into notebooks.   These notebooks have been helpful in storing information, documents, references, and my own family branches which have been explored.  The purpose of this blog is to outline these research notebooks and give the general content of each.   In this way, the genealogist can read the list, and decided if some of the content may be helpful in their own tree climbing.  The notebooks are physically located at The Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library, Danville, KY.  They may be utilized by the genealogist if prior notification is given and I am available to help access the information.  The notebooks are organized by topic, and numbered in series.   This blog will give the subject followed by an outline of the content for each notebook.   Each post will be numbered, then the notebook's research material presented.  I trust this information will help the genealogist who may be seeking research that is perhaps unavailable in most other settings.  At present there are over 250 notebooks!

A "search" option can be used to examine the notebook's content.  Place a topic or subject that you would be interested in exploring.  This will see if any of my notebooks have research on this subject.  Genealogy for generations is my motto.

For a discussion of Welsh genealogy see: .

The intent and purpose of this information (Research Notebooks) as genealogical helps can be found at: under post "Lookup(s)" dated Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012. 

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