Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RN #95 Committee For Compounding: Abstract Vol.I-Vol.V. 1643-1660

The next series of notebooks deal with the civil war period in England.  This was a dramatic turning point for my JONES family.  It was during this time that my branch was forced to come to the colonies permanently.  The Committee for Compounding controlled one of the most significant exchanges of wealth in England.  The wealth of the Catholics to the wealth of the Protestants.

This notebook (#95) contains:
   History of the committee...personal research notes.
   General Index. (for selected topics)
   Hard copy of pages for JONES:
      Vol. I page analysis begins Sept. 1643
      Vol. II  pp. 829-1636
      Vol.III pp. 1637-2391
      Vol. IV pp. 2393-3176
      Vol. V pp. 3179-3312

The above page is a copy of the title showing the listing.  It was found at the University of Louisville, DA 400.A23 pt. 1.  This begins an extensive analysis of the JONES surname during this transitional period of English history.  It is a very difficult and confusing time for the genealogist.

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