Thursday, September 6, 2012

RN #91 Jones Surname English Counties

The ancient origin of the JONES surname is documented in the next two notebooks.  Utilizing an index of the legal records of England, a chronology of the JONES surname was researched.  It involves the Chancery Proceeding mostly, but other records are also included.  This notebook contains an alphabetical listing for the English counties.(#91)  The next notebook (#92) contains the analysis for Wales.  The records begin as early as 1300.  This notebook also contains a computer print out that uses DbaseII, a program available in the early 1990s.  It is dated 09-12-1993.

A sample page from notebook #91 is shown above from Hereford county.  The subject of the case is listed, followed by the date recorded, any other additional information abstracted, and the bundle and number of the file.  Each English county is abstracted and arranged alphabetically.  The data set is an extensive analysis of the documentation of the JONES surname as it appears in the English legal records prior to 1700.

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