Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RN #105 Cadwallader Jones (Part II) 1670-1680

This notebook contains a detailed chronology of the years 1670 - 1680 for the life and times of Cadwallader Jones.  They are my personal notes and references obtain for this period.

Archives of Maryland, Vol. 67, p. 486 (etc. for other references)
William Denham notes
Land of 1673 (notes, tables, charts, maps)
Notes from Bacon's Rebellion 1676
Bacon's Rebellion, William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. IX, No.1, July 1901
Land of 1677
Notes from history of Old Rappahannock County, VA
Causes of Discontent in Virginia, 1676, Va Mag., Vol. III, July 1899
Patents and Northern Neck Grants of Fairfax Co., VA, by Beth Mitchell.
The Country Call'd There the Doages (Chap. 3), Landmarks of Old Prince William
The Susquehannock War, (Chap. 5), Landmarks of Old Prince William.
Virginia Eastern Shore County Records on Micofilm at The Library of Virginia.
     (Archives & Genealogy Section, in Richmond, Virginia)

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