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RN #108 Cadwallader Jones (Part V) Post 1700

This notebook contains research pertaining to the years after 1700.  It would appear that Cadwallader died before the quit rents of 1704 and after his last public document of 1701.  The impact of his life continues for many years.

Executive Journals, Council of Virginia (starting 1683) [for Col Wm Byrd]
Capt. Roger Jones, Commander of "ye said sloop" [1683]
Notes on Port Royal
American Historical Association, re: Wm Byrd
Indian Policy in Early Virginia, WMQ (ser.3) Vol.1,  1944
Notes on Stafford Co., VA
Notes on other references [Executive Journals, Journals of the House of Burgesses, etc.]
Notes on Edward Herbert [Herbert family]
Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, America and West Indies, 1701
Islander if the Stream, A History of The Bahamian People, Vol. I
A History of The Bahamas, by Craton, 1962.
   (Buccaneers 1684-1694)
   (Pirates 1695-1717)
Research on Bahama Island
Abstracts From The Records of The Court of Ordinary Of The Province of South Carolina, 1692-1700

Abstracts of The Wills of The State of South Carolina 1670-1740
The History of South Carolina Under The Proprietary Government 1670-1719 [Nicholas Trott]
Research notes on Cadwallader Jones (Providence) against the French

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