Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RN #90 The Jones Classification System

Roots to the JONES surname has many branches.  There is not just ONE crest or arms to the families that carry this surname.  This notebook contains an attempt to classify the groups of families that are the origins of many JONES families.  They originate in Wales, and reflect my research and analysis into these family groups.

House of Trevor...before 900 AD.
House of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn...before 1000 AD.
House of Goch...before 1460 AD.
House of Herbert.
House of Llowarch ap Bran.
House of Griffith ap Nicholas.
House of Shrewsbury.
House of Jestyn ap Gwrgrant.
House of Ievan ap Ieuan.
House of Cadifn Vawr.
House of Trench. (Ireland)
House of Treowens. (Viscount Raneleig)

The Jones Classification System: published The Jones Genealogist, beginning Vol. VI, 1994-1995.

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