Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RN #94 World Trade

This notebook contains a number of items collected to study the context of the religious and economic factors surrounding the early settlement period of Virginia.  The economic and religious environment were key issues in this historical time frame.

World Trade
  Beginning with early charters to John Cabot
  List of English Trading Companies
  Outline of explorations to the Americas
  Notes on the genesis of the United States
  Notes of Tudor England
  Notes on early explores to the new world
  The first pictures of America
  The Gentry of North Wales and The Earl of Leicester's Expedition to the Netherlands, 1585-1586
  Outline of Richard Hakluyt Voyages
  Concepts of early geography
  Notes on general trade from 1200 AD
  English trade
     Moscovie Co.
     Levant Co.
     East India Co.
     Hudson Bay Co.
     London Co.
  Local government in England
  High court of Admiralty

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