Sunday, September 9, 2012

RN #92A Legal Data Set Jones Surname

This notebook is the file of data pertaining to the legal records of England 1200AD - 1700 AD.  They are the "hard" copies of the information collected from the index of the public record office Great Britain.  This was the actual data coded and analyzed for the JONES surname which is the source of many of the articles written in The Jones Genealogist.

The above figure is from one set of records published by Kraus Reprint Corporation, 1963 showing the primary source of the data included in this notebook.  This page is from 1515-1529 index of the legal records.  These were analyzed for the surname JONES.

The above figure shows the actual page as printed in the primary source.  The dates are 1518-1529, bundle 421, with the individual files as numbered, and the information contained for each case.  Each JONES was entered into the data set and analyzed for the information given.  This should give the reader an idea of the information contained in this notebook.

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