Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RN #127 Church History

This notebook contains research and information regarding early Church History as it relates to the settlement pattern in Virginia and Kentucky.  The religious activity of many family groups were part of the history of these families.  Individual groups often moved together as a religious organization.

A History of Boone's Creek Baptist Church
South Elkhorn Church membership 1817
Traveling Church (Baptist)
Boone's Creek Church 1785
The Elkhorn Association
Forks of Elkhorn Church
Baptist History
Minutes of The One Hundred and Eleventh Anniversary of The Elkhorn Association, 1896
A General History of The Baptist Denomination in America, and Other parts of the world.
Baptist history notes general
Baptist history Virginia from 1714
North Carolina Baptist
Pioneer Kentucky Preachers and Pulpits
Craig family
Regular Baptist
Separate Baptist
North District Association 1807-1813
Upper Howard's Creek Church
Unity Church (Clark Co., KY)
Providence Church (Clark Co.,KY)
The Pioneer Baptist Preachers 1776 - 1785
John Gano 1788

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