Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RN #120 Abraham Wood/Jones Family

This notebook contains my personal research into the life of Abraham Wood (ca.1613-ca. 1682).  He is one of the major figures of colonial Virginia, and key to understanding the JONES family of Petersburg.  Much has been written, and there is much still to be known.

Working sheets (chronology) Abraham Wood/Jones Lines (1583-1772)
Land grants Appamattack River 1635-1638
Detailed chronology life Abraham Wood 1600-1690
Wood: Adventures of Purse and Person
Fort Henry WMQ, Vol. III, second series, No.1, January, 1923
Will of Abraham Wood
Peter Jones/Magaret Wood (Jones)
Cooke family research
Abraham Wood research by generations/Jones connected
Jones Hole Swamp
Abraham Jones
Jones of Petersburg
Byrd's Expedition

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