Sunday, October 14, 2012

RN #118 1787 Census VA

This notebook begins a series of research items for my JONES family.  It contains particular names and surnames that have become part of my own family tree.  Other surnames are included that have had some connection.

Cadwallader Jones, listing...1787 census, VA
   Prince George Co.
   Charlotte Co.
Frederick Jones...
   Russell Co.
   Dinwiddle Co.
Griffin Jones....
   Spots. Co....
Nicholas Jones...
   Amherst Co.
   Rockbridge Co.
   Spots. Co.
Cadwallader Slaughter
   Jefferson Co.

Fayette Co.(VA)(KY) for surname JONES
Lincoln Co.(VA)(KY) for surname JONES

Index to the 1787 Census of VA
  alphabetical analysis for JONES

The One Hundred, WMQ Ser.3, No.11, 1954. [plantations of VA]

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