Sunday, October 21, 2012

RN #125 Wilderness Road

The life line to the early settlement of Kentucky from the western parts of Virginia is contained in this notebook.  Understanding this pathway to the Bluegrass is a foundation to many families coming into the State.

Migration patterns of early settlers.
Before The Gates of The Wilderness Road, Va Mag., Vol. 30, 1922.
The Wilderness Road, Routes of Travel, The Filson Club, 1886.
Southwest Virginia 1746-1786.
Powel River to Block House
Big Spring to Powell River
Raccoon Spring, KY, to Big Spring, VA
Crab Orchard and Boone's Gap to Raccoon Spring
Boonesborough to Boone's Gap
Harrodsburg to Crab Orchard
Journal of Doctor Thomas Walker 1749-1750

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