Saturday, October 20, 2012

RN #124 Historical Maps Kentucky

This notebook contains a series of historical maps of Kentucky which follow the formation of the State from its initial establishment as part of Virginia.

The Virginia ancestry of the counties of Kentucky.
Virginia first counties in 1634.
Virginia counties in 1734.
Virginia counties in 1738.
Fincastle Co. Virginia 1772
Kentucky Co. Virginia 1776
Virginia Co.(s) 1780
Virginia Co.(s) 1792
Map of KY 1780-1784
Map of KY 1785-1786
Map of KY 1787-1792
Map of KY 1792-1793
Map of KY 1794-1796
Map of KY 1797
Map of KY 1798-1799
Map of KY 1800-1806
Other maps KY after 1806

From: An Historical Atlas of Kentucky, by Wendall H. Rone, Sr. [Harrodsburg Public Library, KY R911.769 Rone]

1785 map Bourbon Co.
Filson's Map KY 1784

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