Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RN #121 Peter Jones Group

This notebook begins a series of research items pertaining to the Peter Jones groups associated with Abraham Wood and what was to become Petersburg, VA.  A great deal of this research is hand drawn and organized by generations. 

Flow charts from 1600 - 1740 Peter Jones group
Family tree diagrams 1660 - 1750
Connecting points Batts, Wood, Randolph, Smith, Acton
Abraham Wood Cavaliers and Pioneers analysis Vol. I, Vol.II 1638- 1678
Will of Abraham Wood 1682
Mary Wood/ Thomas Chamberlayne
Peter Jones 1 ca. 1635-ca. 1674
Margaret Wood (JONES) four "Step-Children In Law"
Abraham Jones 1
Richard Jones 2
Peter Jones 3
William Jones 4

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