Saturday, January 2, 2016

RN #267 Group Sheets: 22 May 1650

People, places, and purpose are my three "P's".  When all three items come together at one point [4th P...:-)], they represent a common bond that will often break through a brick wall.  For my own family it was 22 May 1650.  This notebook contains my work on these three "P's".

A number of associated family groups [various other surnames than JONES] arrived Virginia on the same date, and recorded their land grants at the same time.  My JONES family flopped right down in the middle of these folks, and for many generations seemed connected.  Placing these folks in a "cluster analysis" it became evident that they were a group of "in-laws" who were "outlawed"  during the same time period!  What a deal!

The above figure shows some of these families as they came untangled among the branches.  The "Underwood" family seems to be the center of focus, and continues to be a family associated group for many generations to come.  All the folks who made a land grant 22 May 1650 along the Rappahanock River are included in this notebook.

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