Tuesday, April 12, 2016

RN # 271 Jones Journeys : A Topical Index (II)

This notebook continues the indexing of the 19 volume set called Jones Journeys.  The cover of my copy for volume two is shown below. [Some nice drawings on the covers of various volumes.]

Again, it is a alphabetical listing by state (US) outlining the content of each volume for that state.  This notebook begins with the state of Nebraska, and ends of course with Wyoming... which is the only state of the 50 that did not seem to have a Jones Surname reference. [How about that.]

The notebook then contains the references for 1)) Revolutionary War Pensions and records, 2) War of 1812, and 3) references for England and Wales.

Does anyone know of an early Jones family to Wyoming?  Please post a comment below.

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