Thursday, March 10, 2016

RN #270 Jones Journeys : A Topical Index (I)

Jones Journeys has been a continual help in my Jones surname tree climbing.  It was first published May 1973 by Mrs. Darla M. Jones, Rialto, CA.  It was published quarterly until 1992, and contains a wealth of information pertaining to the Jones surname.  No cumulative index existed, and as a reference, it was very hard to use since each volume had to be checked. [Has 19 volumes!]   The following notebook contains a state by state index [by topic/subject] of the complete set 1973 - 1992.  It was made following many frustrating attempts to follow an individual through the 19 volumes.

A sample from the cover of volume 19 is shown:

A sample of this notebook's content for the states "Alabama" through "Montana" is shown for Kentucky...

Each state has been organized from the content of this amazing collection of genealogy for the Jones surname.

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