Monday, June 29, 2015

RN #260 Pre-Kentucky History

This notebook contains my research into Kentucky history.  This history begins before the French and Indian War.  [ The first land grants to what was to become Kentucky were to those who fought in this war.]

History of "Western Waters" - beginning 14 Feb. changes to colonial organization.
Colonial affairs dealing with western lands.
Westward exploration. [started 1642 under Assembly  of Virginia]
George Croghan 1741
Treaty of Lancaster 1744
Ohio Land Co. 1748
Loyal Land Co. 1749
Treaty of Logstown 1752
French/Indian War 1755 - 1763
Pontiac's Conspiracy 1763
Royal Proclamation 1763
The Land Beyond 1763
Treaty of German Flats 1765
Treaty of Fort Stanwix 1768
Treaty of Hard Labor 1768
Treaty of Lochaber 1770
Treaty of Sycamore Shoals 1775
Battle of Point Pleasent 1774
Kentucky Surveyors from 1773
Hite Family

Key reference: Kentucky Land Warrants, for the French, Indian, & Revolutionary Wars, compiled by Samuel M. Wilson, 1913.

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