Monday, July 27, 2015

RN # 261 Surname: Tables and Graphs

Separating associated family surnames can also bring a number of brick walls.  This notebook contains a group of related family surnames that needed to be identified during many of my tree climbing experiences.  After time, a series of summary tables and graphs were generated to try and keep things organized.  The surnames included:

Francis Dade (alias Maj. John Smith) will 24 June 1663
     connects Townshend, Baldwin, Williams, Jones

William Underwood 1650 Va.
     connects Booth, Fauntleroy, Williamson, Mosely, Slaughter, Taylor

Moore Fantleroy 1650 Va.
     connects Nosworthy, Lawson, Hoskins, Moone, Lee

James Williamson 1650 Va.
    connects Underwood, Jones

Humphrey Booth 1650 Va.
    connects Upton, Fantleroy, Underwood

William Mosely 1650 Va.
    connects Underwood, Fleming, Washington

See RN # 195 for other family surnames connected during this period of time.

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