Wednesday, May 27, 2015

RN #259 Jefferye(s)

Associated family surnames are part of the family tree climbing experience.  Multiple surnames come into play when facing certain brick walls.  For those of Welsh descent, it may even be that certain families come through a common great-grandfather meaning that they actually share the same Y-chromosome.  The Jeffery family of north Wales is such a case. 

This note book contains my research into this surname.  It began being spelled "Geoffrey" in the Norman Duke's battle against the French Kings. [starting before 1060 AD]  "Geoffrey of Anjou" seems to be the first to use this name.  The name moves to England, often connected to religious groups.   The spelling chances through various forms to Wales and the many counties of England.  The content included:

1)  Earliest archaeological evidence of Christian faith in England.
2) Tertullian
3) Salway
4) Emperor Constantine
5) Iro-Celtic Christianity
6) Marin of Tours
7) Ninian
8) Religious orders-
9) Geoffrey - Norman / French
10) Geoffrey - England
11) Geoffrey - 1300
12) Jeffryes - Burke
13) Wales
14) Various English counties
15) London
16) Ireland

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