Friday, April 3, 2015

RN # 256 Early Settlements and Connectors

Understanding the settlement pattern along the rivers of Virginia is a helpful task.  Often, the families would settle both side of the given river directly across from one another.  This would provide an escape route if needed, since both sides of the river would not likely be attacked at the same instance.

This notebook contains my research into the early settlement patterns along the Rappahannock River. [Mostly]  The chronology of these settlements [and their counties] are included:

Northumberland Co. - 1649
Lancaster Co. - 1651
Westmoreland Co. - 1653
(Old) Rappahannock Co. - 1656
Gloster Co. - 1651
York Co. - 1642
Charles River Co. - 1635
New Kent Co. - 1654

Various plantations and hundreds are included. [Eg. Smith's (Southampton) Hundred.]

Various individuals involved in the settlements are included. [Eg. Sir Edwin Sandys ]

Various other settlement involved in my own Jones family. [ Eg. "Tanks Weyanoke" (David Jones)]

It is still a work in progress, with connectors being established between the various settlement areas.

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