Saturday, April 18, 2015

RN #257 Cavalier Connections

It would seem that "Cavaliers to Pioneers" was the story of my JONES family from 1649 Virginia.  Charles I had lost his head, and a number of folks were forced to leave England for the colonies.  Virginia was the focal point of many, and seven ships made their way over the great pond.  [Capt. Robert Dennis in charge of fleet.]

This research notebook contains the folks who chief among the migration to a new life in Virginia.  It was not until 30 April 1652 that the first General Assembly (VA) meet under the new Commonwealth.
 Names researched :

Berkeley - Sir William Berkeley and others
Lee - Richard Lee and others
Lunsford - Sir Thomas Luntsford and others [He was recognized as one of the leading Cavaliers.]
Chicheley - Sir Henry Chicheley
Wormeley - Capt. Ralph Wormeley
Honeywood - Sir Philip Honeywood
Dale - Maj. Edward Dale
Norwood - Col. Henry Norwood [left written record of his journey ]
Many others listed.

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