Thursday, March 19, 2015

RN # 255 First Names For Jones

This notebook is actually titled "First Names For Jones (Old) Rappahannock Co. VA In Chronological Order 1655 - 1692", but all this would not fit the line above.  (Old) Rappahannock Co. VA played an important role in my JONES family history.  Thus, it was necessary to try and organize, and separate the many Jones of this period and location.  Chronological order is always helpful.

The following "first names" are included:

Leonard 1655
Rice 1655
Thomas 1660
Richard, "mariner" 1662
Robert 1663
Griffin 1666
Katherine 1666
George 1667
Edward 1675
Howell 1671
Morgan 1673
James 1678
Lewis 1677

Many times there are multiple references for each name in (Old) Rappahanock Co. VA.

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